Starting a Business

     Small Business Marketing

     Small Business Financial Management

     Small Business Personnel Management

     Small Business General Management

     Owing a Business on The Internet

     Small Business Personal Skills

     International Business (Export)

     10 Deadly Small Business Mistakes



Starting a Business


1.     Going into business

2.     Starting the business

3.     Managing your business

4.     Before You Start Checklist

5.     Making the decision

6.    Licenses and Regulations.


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Small Business Marketing

1.     Introduction to small business marketing

2.     How to develop a small business marketing concept

3.     How to understand your customers

4.     Deciding on the advertising media

5.     How to expand your market

6.     How to Take advantage of a market switch

7.     How to Forecast your sales

8.    Selling tips


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Small Business Financial Management

1.   Introduction to financial management

2.   The necessity of financial planning

3.   Understanding financial statements

4.   Financial ratio analysis

5.   Forecasting profits

6.   Financial management planning

7.   Understanding money sources

8.   Credit and collection methods

9.  How to reduce costs


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Small Business Personnel Management

1.     Introduction to small business personnel management

2.     Developing a personnel system

3.     Hiring the right employees

4.     Employee training and development

5.     Building employee trust

6.     Productivity improvement

7.     Delegating work and responsibility

8.    Setting up a pay system


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Small Business General Management

1.     How to manage Effectively

2.     How to develop a strategic plan

3.     Productivity management

4.     The lease or buy decision

5.     Managing your inventory

6.     Stock control (retail)

7.     Risk management

8.     Business survival tips

9.     Fixing production mistakes

10.      Managing a family business (checklist)

11.      Preventing employee pilferage

12.      Preventing burglary and robbery loss


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Growing a Business on The Internet

1.         Guides, Tips & Ideas to help you Succeed in an Online Business

2.         Starting a Successful Online Business

3.         How to Make Money With Reseller Programs

4.         How to Promote Your WebSite

5.         Email Marketing Methods

6.         Online Business Links

7.        Getting Top Search Engine Positioning


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Small Business Personal Skills

1.     How to be pointed toward profit

2.     How to Handle stress

3.     Effective presentation of plans or ideas

4.     Non-verbal communication

5.     How to lead and manage people

6.     How to be more effective

7.     How to improve your planning abilities

8.     How to delegate work and responsibilities (tips)

9.     How to develop yourself

10.       How to set and achieve goals

11.   How to better manage yourself


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International Business (Export)

1.     Introduction to export (international business)

2.     Export strategy

3.     Tips for business travel abroad

4.     How to sell overseas

5.     Pricing, quotations and terms in export (international business)

6.     Documentation, shipping and logistics

7.     Methods of payment in international business

8.     Technology licensing and joint ventures

9.     Glossary of international business terms

10.    How to develop an international business plan


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10 Deadly Small Business Mistakes