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Balanced Scorecard
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Abdulbasit Andijani



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·           INTRODUCTION: 

King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, through its College of Industrial Management is organizing its Second Conference on the Administrative Sciences. The theme of the conference is “Meeting the Challenges of the Globalization Age”. The objective the Conference is to provide a forum to exchange ideas, and an opportunity for researchers to present and publish their findings. A one-day Pre-conference Short Courses will be scheduled for April 17 and 18 April 2004.


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·           OBJECTIVES:


Strategy execution is the prerequisite to breakthrough results.  However, executing strategy is challenging, and many organizations fail to execute their strategy because they lack the skills and capabilities for successful strategy execution.  Through structured methodologies and proven approaches, this workshop presents an approach that will extend the concept of the “Balanced Scorecard” to a fully Strategic Management Process that links strategies with performance management and action plan using Balanced Scorecards (BSC).

The workshop will answer the following questions:


·        How can we translate stakeholder (capital market) expectations into business strategy?

·        How can we better operationalize strategy internally? How can we monitor and manage performance?


One main objective of this workshop is to align and link strategy with business execution. The following linkages can achieve:


·        Link between strategic planning and operational target setting

·        Resource allocation according to strategic and operational targets

·        Link of strategic initiatives into the corporate resource allocation process


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·           TOPICS:

The outline of the one -day workshop is:

·         Introduction to Enterprise Architecture Framework (strategic planning and BSC)

·         Strategic Planning Process

·         Balanced Scorecard Process

·         Strategic Mapping Process

·         Building Balanced Scorecards

·         Implementation process

·         Communication and effective use

·         Lesson learning and Case studies


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§         WHO CAN ATTEND ?


This course is intended for anyone participating in a strategic planning and/or Balanced scorecard effort, whether as team member, team leader, executive leader, or manager or in any other capacity. It is also essential for those involved in implementing ERP or e-business systems.


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The seminar will be conducted along workshop principles with formal lectures, case studies and interactive worked examples.  Relevant case studies will be provided to illustrate the application of each tool in an operations environment.  Each learning point will be re-enforced with practical exercises. The language of instruction will   be   English.


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1.      Aligns short-term targets to longer-term strategies

2.      Aligns corporate strategies to departmental and personal objectives

3.      Provides regular monitoring and gives early warning of problems long before they impact on the financial results

4.      Creates a feedback loop to learn about, and to improve, the effectiveness of current strategies.


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Abdulbasit Andijani is a Full-Professor in the field of Industrial Engineering & Operation Research at KFUPM. He teaches courses & workshops in operations research, production systems and inventory control, simulation, Balanced Scorecards, Business Process Re-Engineering, Statistical Quality Control.


Throughout the professional experience DR ANDIJANI gives training and consulting in management performance improvement techniques and approaches such as Total Quality Management, Strategy Planning and Deployment, The Balanced Scorecards (BSC), Change Management and Communication, Process Organization (Business Process Re-Engineering, Statistical Quality Control (SQC), Benchmarking, Enterprise Architecture and, and Corporate Governance. ERP.


DR ANDIJANI consulting experience include retail, food industries, steel and chemical industries, cable industries, pipe and water management industries


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For further information about this course, please contact the course coordinators:

Professor  Abdulbasit Andijani

Department of Systems Engineering


KFUPM Dhahran 31261, Saudi Arabia


Mobile:  (05) 584-0133

Fax:        (03) 860-2965

Phone:   (03) 860-2988, 2968 and 2894 (Secretaries)


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For enquiries and additional information about registration, please contact the Chairman of the Conference Registration Committee:

Dr. Haider H. Madani,


P. O. Box 733, Dhahran, 31261 Saudi Arabia

Tel:           (966) 3 860-2508  

Fax:          (966) 3 860-4866




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