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The Objectives

Analytical Studies for Saudi Sectors

Project Team  


The Objectives:


The objectives of this program are to improve and standardize the efficiency and productivity of the industrial and business sectors in Saudi Arabia, and to enhance human resources. Typically, the research approach is to conduct a review and analysis of the current and future challenges that effect Saudi economy and companies and, based upon the analysis, to make conclusions and recommendations for improvements. These improvements will increase the efficiencies and the productivities of Saudi companies.

Today, we live in very complex and dynamic environments. The world becomes like a small village. The WTO will be a fact in Saudi Arabia. This fact will change the whole Saudi Economy. It may create new opportunities and significant challenges for most Saudi companies if not all. As a result, many companies may need to develop their market mix, their IT strategy, their finance & accounting dep., reengineer their companies, or they may need to develop their strategic management plan. These potential needs for Saudi companies could be considered as new opportunities for the Business Development and Placement Unit (BDU). In order to utilize these new opportunities, BDU needs to develop analytical studies that study and analyze Saudi industries; and study the effect of the WTO and the new Saudi Investment Law on Saudi business sectors.

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Analytical Studies for Saudi Sectors:


In order to study a specific Saudi industry, a project team needs to complete the following studies:    

1-     Studying and analyzing the WTO policies and its potential effects on the Saudi business law.


2-     Studying the new Saudi Investment Law and its effect on a specific Saudi industry.


3-     Studying and analyzing this sector by:

a.     Studying and analyzing its historical development.

b.      Studying and analyzing difficulties that companies in this sector faced as a result of foreign and local competition.

c.     Studying and analyzing the important events that affect this sector.

d.       Studying and analyzing the current general situation of companies in this sector.


4-     Studying and analyzing multinational companies in this sector:

a.     Their historical development.

b.     Their strategies and long-term objectives.

c.     Their competitive advantages.

d.     Their target markets.


5-     By studying these subjects, we could identify and specify significant challenges that companies in this sector will face in the future.


6-     The Business Development and Placement Unit (BDU) then could prepare technical memorandums and proposals based on real studies case and real information. These technical memorandums and proposals should be marketed according to companies’ needs and requirements. This will enhance the BDU and develop its competitive advantages.


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Project Team

In order to complete these analytical studies, the BDU requires forming project teams. Each team require manpower as the following:

 1- MBA student who has at lest 3 years experiences in a Saudi business sector under studying. He should take a course of INDEP. READING / RESEARCH. He will be responsible about:

§ Studying and analyzing the effect of the WTO and the new Saudi Investment Law on the sector under studying.

§ Studying and analyzing the sector as describe above.

§ Write and complete the project.  


2- BDU member. He should be responsible to:

§ Cooperate with the MBA student to Study and analyze the effect of the WTO and the new Saudi Investment Law on the sector under studying.

§ Study and analyze multinational companies in the sector under studying.

§ Collect the information that needed to market the project.


3- A faculty member in College of Industrial Management CIM who should be a supervisor of the project teams. He should be responsible about:

§ Cooperate with the project team to identify and specify challenges that companies in this sector will face in the future.

§ Prepare and write technical memorandums and proposals according to the finding of the project. In addition, he should prepare and write these technical memorandums and proposals according to the regulation of the BDU and within specific time.

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Marketing Process

Developed by

Hani M. S. Al-Kadi