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Business Negotiaition Skills


Led by

Dr. Salem Al-Ghamdi



§         Introduction

§         Target Audience

§         Objectives

§         Training Methodology

§         Seminar Outline

§         For More Information About This Program



·           INTRODUCTION: 

The need for negotiation is growing as the world grows smaller everyday. Negotiation process has captured public interest and known to business people as a mean of attaining organizational goals. Managers are increasingly called to negotiate with people from other department or other company to coordinate operation or discussing interest with others. This course should be of interest to every one of us in this life.


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·           Target Audience:

All company staff particularly those who are holding managerial positions.


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·           Objectives:

1.      To enhance your skills in developing a game plan that has an ultimate aim and a strategy to achieve it in your negotiation settings.

2.      You will be able to read better other’s needs and negotiate accordingly.

3.      You will have a better chance to strike a balance between your company’s objectives and other’s objectives

4.      Finally, your persuasion power shall be improved.


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·           Training Methodology:

Power point presentation, case analysis, group discussions, films, and role play.


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·           SEMINAR OUTLINE:


·         The art of negotiation.

·         Characteristics of negotiation.

·         Preparing fro negotiation: tactics and strategies.

·         Conducting a negotiation: tips for success.

·         Closing a negotiation: handling breakdown.

·         Recommendations to a successful negotiation.

·         Do’s and don’t of cross cultural negotiation.


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