Facilities - ME Workshop

King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals


Located in Building 1, the ME workshop supports the design and fabrication needs for the College of Mechanical Engineering in particular and the whole university in general.  It features a full machine shop, including NC/CNC capabilities, welding/sheet metal, woodworking, foundry and a student work area.  

Generally, the shop consists of two parts, the professional shop and the student shop. The student portion of the shop is available to mechanical engineering students who have read and understand the safety rules. The shop has a number of engine lathes and vertical mills available for student use as well as the necessary tools. The shop also has other equipment that can be used with appropriate permission and instruction.

The professional portion of the shop provides services to the faculty and graduate students working on research projects. The shop also produces the specimens for the materials science teaching labs and maintains or makes special equipment needed for all labs. The shop personnel include three full time journeymen machinists, two electronics technicians, a lab manager who oversees the undergraduate laboratories, and a stores clerk.

The ME workshop consists of seven material processing labs, viz.,



Machine Shop

Sheet Metal Forming


Plastics processing

Numerical Control (NC/CNC) Machining