Machine Design II (ME 308) Lab

Spring 2000 2001 (002)

Project # 1: Design of Shaft and Selection of Bearings

Summary for Class # 1

Given Data:

PA = 600 lb

= 200

Mass of gear # 3 ( M3 ) = 500 lb

Mass of gear # 4 ( M4 ) = 300 lb

STEP # 1

Calculate the resultant gear force Pc which is acting on gear # 4 by equating the torque on the different locations of the shaft, as the torque on all the locations of the shaft must be equal.

STEP # 2

Calculate the reaction forces on the bearings in the y-axis and the z-axis respectively. Free body diagrams have to be drawn and all the forces have to be resolved in both the y-axis and the z-axis respectively. By performing

S Fy = 0 and S My = 0


S Fz = 0 and S Mz = 0

calculate the reaction forces on the bearings.

STEP # 3

Draw the force diagrams and the moment diagrams in the y-axis and in the z-axis respectively.

Note: On a graph sheet draw the shaft diagram, torque diagram and the resultant moment diagram to scale as shown in the class.