King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals

Department of Mechanical Engineering

ME 308 (Machine Design – II) Lab

2nd Semester 1999-2000 (Term 992)

Project # 2 – Gearbox Design


Design a single-reduction spur gearbox with the following specifications:

  1. The power source is an electric motor that drives the pinion at 1750 rpm
  2. The gear must rotate at a speed between 460 rpm and 465 rpm
  3. The gears must transmit 3 hp
  4. The gears have 20 normal pressure angle and they will be hobbed and must confirm to an AGMA quality number of 5
  5. A compact design is desired, but in no case should the center distance exceed 5"
  6. The design should be safe with a fatigue life greater than 10 million cycles
  7. The operating conditions of the gearbox are assumed to be average
  8. The rigidity of the shafts should be considered an important design factor. Also, the bearings should be held rigidly on the shafts by locknuts and washers in order to restrict their axial movement


In addition to the complete design analysis, you are required to submit the following drawings:

  1. Detailed drawings for the pinion and the gear (two views each according to AGMA standards)
  2. Detailed drawings for each shaft


Any missing data may be reasonably assumed based upon your best engineering sense and judgement. It may be assumed that both shafts are externally connected by means of couplings.