King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Machine Design - II (ME 308) Laboratory


Project # 3

Part 'A' - Knuckle Joint Design

  1. Algebraic Expressions:
    1. Tensile stresses at section-AA:
    2. Shear stress in the pin:
    3. Bearing stress between the pin and the rod:
    4. Bearing stress between the pin and the yoke:
    5. Tensile stress across hole in the rod:
    6. Tensile stress across hole in the yoke:

    8. Bending stress in the pin:
    9. Tearout of the rod by the pin:
    10. Tearout of the yoke by the pin:


  2. Using table (22-15) in the Standard Handbook of Machine Design, select a clevis pin and select a suitable soft or case-hardened low carbon steel (HR)
    1. From steps b & g, check the safety of the pin by comparing the allowable and actual stress values

    2. Shear - Allowable Shear Strength = 0.5Sy/n
      Bearing - Allowable Tensile Strength = Sut/n
      Tensile & Bending - Allowable Yield Strength = Sy/n

    3. Select a suitable material for the rod and the yoke, and using the relevant stress relations from step 1, calculate the dimensions D, c, b, m & e, by comparing the stresses against their corresponding allowable stress values