Instructions for final drawings of project # 3


Draw two views each of the pinion and the gear using CADKEY 97 and submit them by Wednesday, December 8, 1999, before 4:00 pm, on diskette. Under no conditions will any diskettes be accepted after 4:00 pm. NO LATE ACCEPTANCE.


All drawings must have your ID# inserted at the following 4 locations

1. Filename

For the filenames, use the following convention:

2. Part Description

In the box shown below which appears once you click SAVE in the saving dialog box, enter your ID# in the text box area and click OK:

wpe3.jpg (15744 bytes)


3. Layout Description

In the box shown below that appears when you transfer the model to LAYOUT mode, enter your family name in the Name field and your ID# in the description field and click OK:

wpe4.jpg (13626 bytes)

4. Title Block

In the title block that you will insert, your full name (family name, first name) and ID must appear:

wpe5.jpg (98628 bytes)


Important Note:

Check this page periodically for any important instructions