Lab Development:

Involved in the development of ME Laser Lab that is to be used in courses for teaching and research in graduate and undergraduate level (with Dr. Bekir S. Yilbas), KFUPM. Carrying out purchase requisition formalities of all the necessary equipment. Manufacturing of the optical tables for the laser head in the Central Research Workshop of KFUPM.
Developments for ME Heat Transfer Lab (Lab Reports), KFUPM. Involving in the development and modification of handouts for various lab experiments that are provided to the students in order to teach them how to carry out certain experiments and how to write their reports.
Developments for ME Computer Aided Design Lab, KFUPM. Studying the need of computer facilities in ME Department and giving input and suggestions towards the development of ME Computer Aided Design Lab.
Involved in the design and manufacturing of a Rolling Machine for experimental research purposes (with Mr. Eyyup Kusak), KFUPM.
Manufacturing two (large-scale and small-scale) Vertical Axis Wind Energy Conversion Systems (Savonius rotor) for lab use and research activities, KFUPM.
Improvement of the cooling capacity of the Target Water Cooling System (TWCS) on the zero degree line of neutron generator at the Energy Research Laboratory (ERL), (with Dr. Abdulkadir Aksoy), KFUPM.
Design and manufacturing of a Friction Welding Machine for graduate research.
Involved in the design and manufacturing of a model Delta Wing for Wind Tunnel research activities (with Dr. Ahmed Al-Garni), KFUPM.
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