COOP Projects Supervised:

  1. Ajlan, Abdulmonaem S.: Centrifugal Pumps' Selection in Petroleum Industries, December 1991.
  2. Al-Maatoug, Maatoug A.: Engineering Fluid Sealing, January 1992.
  3. Al-Shehri, Nasser A.: Heat load Calculation in Air Conditioning, January 1992.
  4. Al-Sahafi, Abdallah, M.: Strength Design of Boiler Heat Recovery Components, January 1992.
  5. Al-Faraj, Salman, H.: Qurayyah Seawater Treatment Plant, May 1992.
  6. Ibrahim, Abdallah A.: Providing Chemical Filtering for Air Conditioning, May 1992.
  7. Alawi, Ibrahim: Operating Consideration of Shell and Tube Heat exchanger, May 1992.
  8. Fallatah, Qasim Mohammad: Design and Installation of Air Compressor, May 1992.
  9. Al-Hunaini, Khalid: Maintenance and Modification of Air Cooled Heat Exchangers, May 1992.
  10. Salem, Mohammed: Gas Turbine Operation and Failures, May 1992.
  11. Al-Mulhem, Fahad: General Electric Turbines Operation and Maintenance, June 1992.
  12. Al-Dosari, Lutfi: The Early Warning Systems, June 1992.
  13. Al-Anazi, Saleh Atiyah: Cooling Load Calculation in HVAC Systems, June 1992.
  14. Al-Muhizai, Abdul Rahman: Electronic Four Speed Over Drive Automatic Transmission (E40D), September 1992.
  15. Al-Hamed, Ahmed A.: Calculating Space Cooling Load by Cooling Load Temperature Differential Method, November 1992.
  16. Al-Masri, Husein: Pressure Vessel Design, November 1992.
  17. Al-Zubair, Tarek Ahmed: How to Build Pipeline in Saudi Aramco, November 1992.
  18. Bawajeeh, Omar: Fundamentals of Mechanical Seals in Industrial Applications, December 1992.
  19. Ba-Dhabi, Tareg A.: U-Type Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger (R-Class), December 1992.
  20. Al-Juaid, Abdulrahman: Replacement of Vertical Sewer Pumps and Performance Evaluation, December 1992.
  21. Al-Shangiti, Ahmed M.: Construction and Operating Principles of Centrifugal Pump, December 1992.
  22. Khaiyat, Thamer A.: Centrifugal Pumps in Refinery, December 1992.
  23. Al-Salumi, Mohammad A.: Vibration i Rotating Machinery, December 1992.
  24. Hassoubah, Aiman A.: Erection and inspection of Floating Roof Storage Tanks, December 1992.
  25. Manshi, Walid A.: Centrifugal Pump's Determination and Purchasing, December 1992.
  26. Al-Ohali, Mansour S.: Aircraft Scheduling, Maintenance, and Inspection in King Faisal Air Academy, December 1992.
  27. Tayeb, Mohammed S.: Air Conditioning Plant, December 1992.
  28. Al-Harbi, Salem S.: Installation and Operating Principles of Rotary Pumps, April 1993.
  29. Magtari, Wael: SAVOLA Edible Oil Turnaround, June 1993.
  30. Jambi, Mohammed: Pass Partition Failure and Repair, June 1993.
  31. Al-Ghanim, Abdul Hameed F.: Mechanical Seals, June 1993.
  32. Samman, Haitham: Cavitation in Centrifugal Pump, June 1993.
  33. Al-Salmi, Abdul-Shakour A.: Two Major Activities During May 92 Turnaround at YANPET Company, June 1993.
  34. Al-Ghamdi, Ali: Maintenance and Operation of Centrifugal Pumps, December 1993.
  35. Ababsah, Waleed Nazeer: Pumps of the Prophet's Mosque Car Park Project "Madinah", December 1994.
  36. Al-Raddadi, Ibrahim: Preventive maintenance of Air Cooled Liquid Centrifugal Chillers: Distillation System, December 1994.
  37. Al-Fuhaid, Emad S.: Gas turbine Composition Section Description and Maintenance, May 1995.
  38. Abu-Hetlah, Dhafer S.: Tornado Engine and Its Thrust and Performance at King Khaled Air Base, December 1995.
  39. Al-Yamani, Bassam, Floating Roof Tank Seals, December 1995.
  40. Maliya, Khalid M.: Automobile in Mechanical Engineering Balance, June 1996.
  41. Al-Shahrani, M.: Problems and Maintenance of tornado Engines at King Khaled Air Base, June 1996.
  42. Al-Bahrani, Yaser: Vibration Measurement and Analysis of Rotating Equipment, December 1996.
  43. Al-Mutairi, Marzoug: Maintenance of Packaged Water Tube Boiler, December 1996.
  44. Bu-Khedher, Hussain: Selection of Pumps, June 1997.
  45. Al-Bukhari, Khaled M.: Inlet Air Filter of the Gas Turbine, December 1997.
  46. Al-Shakhori, Elyas K.: The Hydraulic System of Insulator Washer Simon-Ro (IW-140), December 1997.
  47. Al-Shehri, Mughram S.: Retrofit of Centrifugal compressor Refrigeration System from R-12 to R-134A, March 1998.
  48. Al-Ghamdi, Said A.: Gas Turbines: Inspection Techniques and failure Analysis, May 1998.
  49. Shafai, Haitham A.: High Surge Pressure in Jeddah Refinery, May 1998.
  50. Al-Husainy Hasan J.: Pumps and Compressors and Maintenance Study Cases, May 1998.
  51. Asem, Muneer A.: Quality Control and Facilities of Aviation Fuel, December 1998.
  52. Al-Jaber, Mohammed A.: Oil Water Separator in Riyadh Refinery, December 1998.
  53. Al-Ghamdi, Abdullah U.: Air conditioning System Design, May 1999.
  54. Al-Shahrani, Abdullah S.: F-15 Engines, May 1999.
  55. Al-Kaf, Faisal M.: Stress Analysis of Pipes, May 1999.
  56. Shabib, Adel H.: Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning System, May 1999.
  57. Fagiha, Fayez A.: Lacquering Process of the Cans, May 1999.
  58. Shareefi, Kamal M.: Fiberglass Pipe Manufacturing, October 1999.
  59. Al-Juhani, Mamdouh: Usage of Bearing Isolator to Solve Repeated Failures of Fin-Fan Motor at Yanbu NGL Plant, October 1999.
  60. Ba-Aboud, Abd Ul-Rahman: Manufacturing of Electric Panels, October 1999.
  61. Al-Shammari, Saud M.: Boiler Tube Test and Inspection, October 1999.
  62. Al-Rajih, Walid: Reconstruction of (JBTETH-1) Pipeline, October 1999.
  63. Al-Juhani, Abdulhamid: Pump Maintenance, March 2000.
  64. Al-Rashid, Hassan A.: Some Operating Requirements of Cross Country Pipelines, March 2000.
  65. Al-Saquob, Abdullah: Maintenance in Sasref Workshop, November 2000.
  66. Marwahy, Muhammed I.: Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Machinery, November 2000.
  67. Al-Jaafari, Riyadh: Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Systems, March 2001.
  68. Al-Khaledi, Yousef, Boiler and Ghazlan Power Plant, February 2001.
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