Useful Links

    1.      Harmonic maps and morphisms

a.      The bibliography of harmonic maps

b.    The bibliography of harmonic morphisms

c.    The atlas of harmonic morphisms

d.    List of authors in the harmonic morphisms bibliography

    2.      Societies and Associations

a.       The American Mathematical Society

b.      The Australian Mathematical Society

c.       Chinese Mathematical Society

d.      The Canadian Mathematical Society

e.       The European Mathematical Society

f.        International Council for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

g.       International Mathematical Union

h.       The London Mathematical Society

i.         Mathematical Association of America

j.        Mathematical Society of Japan

k.      Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

    3.      General Web Resources for Mathematics

a.       Searchable Combined Membership List of Mathematicians

b.      The Mathematics Genealogy Project

c.       Mathematicianís Address Finder

d.      Calendar of Mathematics Conferences

e.       Encyclopaedia of Mathematics

f.        Wikipedia: Mathematics

g.       Math Forum

h.       PlanetMath

i.         Biographies Index

    4.      Mathematics Information Servers

a.       MathArchives

b.      Math Server at Penn. State

    c.       Mathematics Virtual Library at Florida State Univ.

5.    Mathematics Journals

a.       Electronic Mathematics Research Journals

b.      Other Electronic Research Journals containing Mathematics

c.       Printed Journals containing Mathematics and with Internet sites

d.      Annual Listing of New Journals in Mathematics


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