Projects and Other Professional Assignments:



         2008 Working on New System  for KFUPM short courses (Web based MS SQL/IIS Active Server Pages/Java)                                                                                     

         2008 Working on New System Web base/ORACLE9i server University Skills Program  (Web based Oracle 9i/IIS Active Server Pages/Java Developer )                             

         2007 Developed and is use: Web based Academic Information System(AISYS), adopted for whole KFUPM (MS SQL/IIS Active Server Pages/Java)                                  

         2007 Package Developed for scheduling Oral Exams in ELC (Web based MS SQL/IIS Active Server Pages/Visual Basic)

         1992-2007 Package developed and maintaining it for score keeping and processing   of exams in English Language Center and Math Department (SQL Server, Score Management Using HTML and ASPs )

         1992 Package developed for the management of the short courses database (DBASE-IV and FoxPro and Visual Basic)   

         1991 Development of software for the Preparatory Year Math Students.

         1990 Transfer of 300 lessons from HP3000 computer to Novell Server with the help of conversion programs (written by me) after embedding PC-PILOT code. The process was fully automated.                                                                                        

         1989 Site preparation and installation of first Novell Netware in the University on five file servers with internal bridging (in 1988). Multi-user applications were developed for the use of around 1000 students every week (based on the lab schedule), students score keeping , grade downloading from five servers to one place and processing it class-wise

         1988 Development of Lesson Authoring System using AMIGA basic language.

         1987 Database Design and Implementation for Managing VLSI chip using SQL embedded PL/1 and FORTRAN languages on IBM mainframe.                                      

         1987 Transfer of AHPL compiler from VAX-11 to IBM-360 system with some code conversion.

         1986 Database Design and Simulation of Airline Reservation System as a part of course requirement.