Semester 092 Tentative Schedule for BiWeekly Statistics Research (StaR) Colloquium

(on Sundays from 12.20 - 1.10 pm)



Acad Week Approx Date



Seminar Title Presenter view files
1 21-Feb-10     No speaker    
2 28-Feb-10     No speaker    
3 7-Mar-10     No speaker    
4 14-Mar-10 Estimation/ Sampling Stein-Type Estimation using Ranked Set Sampling Dr. Hassen A. Muttlak abstract  
5 21-Mar-10          
6 28-Mar-10 Nonparametric Statistics Why Nonparametrics? Prof Madan L. Puri abstract  
7 4-Apr-10          
8 11-Apr-10 Statistics in Educ Testing Statistical Process Control Charts to Measure and Monitor Rating Consistency over Time Dr. Mohammad H. Omar abstract  
9 25-Apr-10          
10 2-May-10          
11 9-May-10          
12 16-May-10 Nonparametric Statistics Asymptotic Normality, Rates of Convergence, and Large Deviation Probabilities for a Broad Class of Statistics Prof Madan Puri abstract  
13 23-May-10 Distribution Theory On the Sum of Correlated Chi-square Variables (tentative) Dr. Anwar H. Joarder abstract  
14 30-May-10


No speaker      
15 6-Jun-10 Nonparametric Statistics Conditional U Statistics With Applications in Discriminant Analysis, ARMA Processes, and Hidden Markov Models Prof Madan Puri abstract  
16 13-Jun-10

Sequential Analyses and Sampling

Sequential Analyses and Ranked Set Samples (tentative) Dr. AbdulKadir Hussein abstract