Semester 051 Tentative Schedule for Statistics Research (StaR) Colloquium

(On Tuesdays from 1.00 - 2.00pm)



Acad Week Date


(Sem no)

Seminar Title Presenter
1 13-Sep-05      
2 20-Sep-05 General Statistics (#051-1)

The Expectation of  Sample Variance: An Elegant Approach

Dr. Anwar H. Joarder
3 27-Sep-05 Statistical Quality Control (#051-2)

Cumulative Sum Quality Control Charts using Ranked  Set Sampling

Dr.  Hassen A. Muttlak

4 4-Oct-05   No Seminar - Math Dept Council Meeting  
5 11-Oct-05 General Statistics (#051-3)

The Distribution of Correlation Coefficient Based on a T-Population

Dr. Anwar H. Joarder
6 18-Oct-05   Statistics Research Group Discussion on Proposals  
7 25-Oct-05 Statistics software -SPSS


Introduction to the SPSS statistical package Mr. Esam AlSawi
8 15-Nov-05

Regression -RAM

postponed Dr. Walid S. AlSabah
9 22-Nov-05 Stochastic Process (#051-5) Branching Stochastic Processes in Epidemiology Dr. Ibrahim Rahimov
10 29-Nov-05 Statistics in Education Testing (#051-6) Some Statistics in Item Response Theory Dr. Mohammad H. Omar
11 6-Dec-05   No Seminar - Math Dept Council Meeting  
12 13-Dec-05



Exact Bahadur Slope for Combining Independent Tests in case of the Normal Distribution Using Simple Random Sampling and Ranked Set Sampling Data Dr. Walid Abu-Dayyeh
13 20-Dec-05 Statistics software postponed Mr. Muazu Abu-Jiya
14 27-Dec-05 - - -
15 3-Jan-06   No Seminar - Math Dept Council Meeting  
16 24-Jan-06   No Seminar - Final Exam Week