Seminars Delivered:


§         At Carleton University: (October 1993)

“Topics in Generalized Functions”


§         At University of Ottawa: (February 1994)

“Hilbert Transform of Schwartz Distributions II”


§         At KFUPM; (April 1985)

“Distributional Hilbert Transform and Applications”


§         At First Islamic Countries Conference on Statistical Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan (July1988).

“Generalized Fourier Transform and Applications in Statistics”


§         At Umm-ul-Qura University, Kakkah (1990)

“Generalized Hilbert Transform with Application”


§         At Banaras Hindu University, India (Dec. 1991.

“Cauchy Representation of Distributions with Applications II”


§         At Umm-ul-Qura University, Makkah (1992)

“Cauchy Representation of Distributions”


§         At Umm-ul-Qura University, Makkah (1993)

“On an Infinite Integral of Product of Lommel and Bessel Functions and Powers”


§         At McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada 91993)

“On a Tikhonov Well-Posedness Criteria in Normed Space”


§         On a Class of Generalized Incomplete Gamma Functions with Applications, Department of Math. Scs. KFUPM, Dhahran (1994)


§         Extended Riemann’s Zeta Function with Applications, Department of Math. Scs. KFUPM (1996)


§         Generalized Euler’s Gamma Function with Applications, International Workshop on Recent Advances in Applied Mathematics, State University of Kuwait (May 4-7, 1996), Kuwait.


§         Integrals Involving Generalized Incomplete Gamma Functions, ICPAM 95, International Conference on Pure and Applied Mathematics (November 19-22, 1995), Bahrain.


§         Extended Incomplete Gamma Functions, Department of Math. Scs. KFUPM, Dhahran (1998).