Scientific Events Attended:

Sno Type Title
1 Work Shop  Internationa Workshop On Special Functions, Math Department at City Unioversity Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China, Jul 21-25, 1999. 
2 Conference  43rd Annual Conference ,Joint meeting of the Australian and American Mathematical Society, Australian math Society, Melbourne, Australia, Jul 12-15, 1999. 
3 Conference  International Congress of Mathematicians(ICM2002), ICM, Beijing, China, Aug 20-28, 2002. 
4 Conference  5th International Congress on Industrial and applied Mathematics(ICIAM 2003), Australian math Society, Sydney, Australia, Jul 9-14, 2003. 
5 Conference  IMA, Probability and Partial differential Equations in Modren applied Mathematics, IMA, Minnesota, United States, Jul 21-Aug 1, 2003. 
6 Work Shop  11th United Nations (European) Space Agency Workshop on Basic Space Sciences, Cardoba, Argentina, Sep 9-13, 2002. 


Sno Type Title
1 Symposia  Hilbert Transform and Appilications II. Analysis grop MeetingOttawa University, Feb 4-7, 1984, Ottawa, Canada. 
2 Conference  Generalizes Fourier Transform & Applications. First Islamic Countries Conference on Statistical SciencesICSS, Jul 10-14, 1988, Lahore, Pakistan. 
3 Symposia  Generalized Hilbert Transform & Applications. RamaDan SeminarUmma-ul-Qura University Makkah, Oct 5-7, 1990, Makkah, Saudi Arabia. 
4 Conference  Caushy Representation of Distributions with ApplicationsII. Generalized and Special FunctionsBanaras Hindu university Banaras, Dec 10-15, 1991, Banaras, India. 
5 Conference  On a Tikhonove Well-posedness criteria in Normed Spaces. Applicable AnalysisMcMaster University, Mar 10-14, 1993, Hamilton, Canada. 
6 Conference  On a class of Generalized Incopmlete Gamma Functions with applications. Recent Advancements in Appliead MathematicsState University Of Kuwait, Nov 4-7, 1996, Kuwait, Kuwait. 
7 Conference  Integrals involving Generalized Incomplete Gamma Functions. International conference on Pure & Applied Mathematics (ICPAM 95)University Of Bahrain, Nov 18-22, 1995, Bahrain, Bahrain.