Curriculum Vitae




Name:                                     MUHAMMAD ALAWI ALBAR


Date of Birth:                         1952


Address:                                 KFUPM Box 564                    

                                                Dhahran 31261, Saudi Arabia     

                                                Telephone (03) 860-2632  (Office),     (03) 860-6978 (House)


Present Position:                    Professor,

                                                Department of Mathematical Sciences

                                                King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM)

Honorary Position:                 Professor of Mathematics

                                                Institute of Basic Research

                                                Monterdoni, Italy


1978-1981                                           Ph.D. Mathematics, University of Nottingham, U.K.

                                                Area of Specialization: Algebra

                                                Thesis Title: Analogues of the Braid Group.

1975-1976                               M.Sc. Mathematics, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

                                                Thesis Title: Flat Modules.


1970-1975                               B.Sc. Mathematics, KFUPM.


Areas of Interest:                  Combinatorial Group Theory, Braid Groups, Coxeter Groups, Groups of Deficiency Zero, Growth of Groups, Generators and

          Relations of Groups.


Professional Society Membership:

   London Mathematical Society (Elected Member)

   American Mathematical Society (Member)

   Saudi Association for Mathematical Sciences (Member of the Board).

Career History and Teaching Experience:

a) Graduate Assistant KFUPM (1975-1976):


Courses Taught:


Math 001, Math 002, Math 003:         Preparatory Year Mathematics

Math 101, Math 102:                          Calculus 1,11

Math 141, Math 142:                          Applied Calculus 1,11



b)   Lecturer KFUPM (1976-1978):


Courses Taught:


      Math 001, Math002, Math 003:                  Preparatory Year Mathematics

      Math 101, Math102, Math 201:                  Calculus 1,11,111

      Math 141, Math142:                                   Applied Calculus 1,11

      Math 202:                                                   Differential Equations

      Math 241:                                                   Applied Differential Equations

      G.S. 446, G.S. 145:                                    Islamic Ideology

     G.S. 245:                                                    Islamic Social System


c)   Part-Time Lecturer, The Centre of Mathematics and Science, Dammam (1976-78):

Courses Taught: Set Theory and Abstract Algebra.


Also taught special courses for the high school teachers organized by the Ministry of Education.


d)   Tutor, Nottingham University (1978-81): Tutorial classes were given in Vector Analysis, Linear and Modern Algebra.


e)   Assistant Professor, KFUPM (1982-86),

Associate Professor, KFUPM (1986-1999):


     i)        Graduate Courses Taught:


          Math 541 Ring Theory (Girls College, Dammam)

          Math 550 Linear Algebra

          Math 554 Algebra II

          Math 590 Combinatorial Group Theory

          Math 610 Thesis


            ii)         Undergraduate Courses Taught:


                  Math 002:                    Preparatory Year Mathematics

                   Math 101, 102, 201:    Calculus 1,11,111

                   Math 280:                    Introduction to Linear Algebra

                   Math 345:                    Introduction to Modern Algebra

                   Math 450:                    Modern Algebra

                   Math 452:                    Applied Algebra

                   Math 490:                    Supervised the senior seminar of two students

                   Math 499:                    Group Representations

                        Math 399:                    Summer training for math students for some courses.






Thesis Supervision:


a)  Ph.D. Thesis:

1.      “The Algebraic Structure of Finite Coxeter Groups”, Written by the student Norah Al-Saleh, Dammam Girls College, (1994).


2.   “The Algebraic Structure of Infinite Coxeter Groups”, Written by the student Maha Al-Hamed, Dammam Girls College, (1994).


b)  M.Sc. Theses:

1.      Mennicke’s Groups of Deficiency Zero”, Written by the student Abdul-Aziz Al-Shuaibi, KFUPM (1986).


2.      “Triangle Groups”, Written by the student Walid Al-Hamdan, KFUPM (1988).


3.   “Finite Coxeter Groups”, Written by the student Norah Al-Saleh, Dammam Girls College (1989).


4.   “Infinite Coxeter Groups”, Written by the student Maha Al-Hamed, Dammam Girls College (1989).


c)  Member of M.Sc. Theses:

1.   “S-Systems” by the student Khalid Saifullah, KFUPM (1988).


2.   Eigenvalues of Graphs”, Written by the student Faisal Fairag, KFUPM (1989).


3.   “Bi-Simple Semigroups”, Written by the student Abdullah Shuibi, KFUPM (1991).


4.   “Maximum Eigenvalue of a Tree”, Written by the student Walid Al-Jasem, KFUPM (1992).


5.   “Spectrum of a Graph”, Written by Munther Furaidan, KFUPM (1996).


6.   Equational characterization of cyclic purity and single compactness” written by Balrabe Yushau, KFUPM, 1997.


7.   “Some Properties of Bicyclic Extensions”, Syed Omar, KFUPM, 1998.


d)  External Examiner of the following M.Sc. theses:

1.   Applications of Certain Group Actions by Rola Hijazi, King Abdul Aziz Uni­versity.

2.   Finite Transitive Groups by Ahmad Al-Solbi, King Abdul Aziz University.

e)  External Examiner of the following Ph.D. theses:

1.   On the Diophantine Equation by Fadwa Abu-Moriefa, College of Girls, Riyadh.


2.   Strong Semilattices of Modules by Norah Al-Hajri, College of Girls, Dammam.


Participation in Committees:


a)  University Committees:


i)                   Student Affairs Committee (one year)


ii)                 Islamic Studies Committee (several years)


iii)                Safety Committee (two years)


iv)               Research Committee (two years)


v)                 Member of the Council of Deans (two years)


vi)                 Faculty Personnel Committee (one year)


vii)              Graduate Council (several years)


viii)            Admission and Academic Standing (one year)


ix)               Aptitude test in the student’s admission exam (several years)



b)  Departmental Committees:


Standing Committees:


i)                    Graduate Committee (chairman and member)               (several years)

ii)                   Faculty Search Committee (chairman and member)                   (several years)

iii)                 Planning and Advisory Committee (chairman and member)       (several years)

iv)                 Undergraduate Committee                                                       (several years)

v)                  Prep-Year Committee                                                  (several years)

vi)                 Curriculum Committee(Graduate Program, Undergraduate        (several years)

                         Program and Student Advising -Chairman)

vii)            Research Committee

viii)          Algebra Scientific Group (member and coordinator)


Adhoc Committees:

i)                   Policies and Procedures (Chairman)

ii)                 Enhancement of Graduate Students Recruitment (Chairman)

iii)                Linear Algebra Courses.

iv)               Ph.D. Program in Pure Mathematics

v)                 Exams of multi-section courses




    Chairman, Department of Mathematical Sciences, KFUPM, 1990-1996.


    Honorary Professor of Mathematics in the Institute of Basic Research, Mouse, Italy, 1995-present.

Papers in Refereed Journals:


1.  M.A. Albar, ‘On Presentations of Group Extensions”, Communications in Algebra,

12(23) (1984), 2967-2975.


2.  M.A. Albar, “Analogues of the Braid Groups and their Corresponding Coxeter Groups”, Communications in Algebra 12(23), 2977-2984, (1984).


3.  M.A. Albar and D.L. Johnson, “Circular Braids”, The Arab Gulf Journal for Sci­entific Research, 2(1) (1984), 137-145.


4.  D.L. Johnson and M.A. Albar, “The Centre of the Circular Braid Group”, Mathe­matica Japonica, 30(4) (1985), 641-645.


5.  M.A. Albar, “On Mennicke Groups of Deficiency Zero I”, International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences, Vol. 8, No. 4(1985), 821-824.


6.  M.A. Albar, “On the Affine Weyl Group of Type ”, Internat. J. Math. and Math. Sci., Vol. 10, No. 1(1987), 147-154.


7.  M.A. Albar and Norah Al-Saleh, “On the Affine Weyl Group of type Bn”, Math. Japonica 35, No. 4(1990), 599-602.


8.  M.A. Albar and Abdul Aziz A. Al-Shuaibi, “On Mennicke Groups of Deficiency Zero II”, Canad. Math. Bull. Vol 34(3) (1991), 289-293.


9.  M.A. Albar and Maha Al-Hamed, “The Affine Weyl Group of type ”, Math. Japonica 36, No. 5(1991), 943-945.


10.    M.A. Albar and Walid M. Al-Hamdan, “The Triangle Groups”, Rend. Sem. Mat. Univ., Padova, Vol. 89(1993), 103-111.


11.    M.A. Albar and Maha A. Al-Hamed, “On the Afiine Weyl Group of Type II”, Bull. Korean Math. Soc., No. 1(1993), 25-27.


12.    M.A. Albar, Norah Al-Saleh and Maha Al-Hamed, “The Growth Series of Coxeter Groups”, Math. Japonica, 47, No. 3(1998), 417-428.


13.    M.A. Albar and Norah Al-Saleh, “The Structure of the Coxeter Groups F4, Int. J. of Math. and Math. Sc., Vol. 22, 1999.


14.    M.A. Albar and Maha Al-Hamed, “The Structure of the Afflne Weyl Group II”, Accepted by the Irish Academy of Sciences.


15.    M.A. Albar and S.A. Huq, “Group theory based at any point”, Accepted by the

         International Journal of Math. and Math. Sciences.


16.    M.A. Albar and Norah Al-Saleh, “The Coxeter group DnInternational Journal of

         Math. and Math. Sciences Vol. 24 No.12 (2000)



17.    M.A. Albar, Maha Al-Hamed and Norah Al-Saleh, “On Four Generator Coxeter

         Groups “ accepted by  International Journal of   Math. and Math. Sciences.


18.    M.A. Albar,  On a subgroup of the group Qn  accepted.



Other Publications:


1.   D.L. Johnson and M.A. Albar, “Rational Tangles”. This work was published in the book “Topics in the Theory of Group Presentations” by D.L. Johnson, Cambridge University Press, 1980.


2.  Math articles in Arabic for the general readers:

                   (a) M.A. Albar, “Importance of Mathematics”, The Caravan Aug/Sep. 1988.

         (b) M.A. Albar, “Modern Math”, The Caravan, Nov./Dec. 1988.

         (c) M.A. Albar, “Now to Solve Math Problems”, Submitted.

      (d) M.A. Albar, “The characteristics of Math”, Submitted.


3.  M.A. Albar et al., Textbooks for High School Mathematics in the Gulf Countries. Eleven volumes are written containing Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry and Ele­mentary Calculus, 1996.



Conference Presentations:


    “Rational Triangles” presented at the Thirty Second British Math. Conference, Sheffield, U.K., 1980.


    “The Generalized Symmetric Group” presented in the First International Math Conference, Riyadh, 1982.


     “Presentations of Group Extensions” presented in the International Conference on Infinite Group Theory, Krete, 1984.


    Mennicke Groups of Deficiency Zero”, Presented in International Conference of Math., Berkeley, U.S.A., 1986.


     “Structure of Coxeter Groups”, in the First Symposium of the Saudi Association of Mathematical Sciences, 1994.


     “Affine Weyl Groups”, in the First Workshop on Algebra held in Institute of Basic Research, Monterdoni, Italy, 1995.


     “Growth of Groups”, in the First International Conference on Math. and Applica­tions, Bahrain, 1996.


     “The affine Weyl group C,,”, presented in the Conference on Groups, St. Andrews held in Bath 1997.



Research Project:


I worked on the following research projects which were approved by KFUPM Research





1.  Analogues of the Braid Groups and their Corresponding Coxeter Groups (Coin-pleted in 1986).


2.  Mennicke Groups of Deficiency Zero (Completed in 1989).


3.  The Algebraic Structure of Coxeter Groups (Still in Progress).



Editing, Refereeing, Reviewing, etc:


a)  Editing:

1.      Math. Editor of Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering (AJSE) from

1986 to 1993.


2.      Lead Editor of a Theme Issue of AJSE on Boundary Value Problems, 1992.


3.      Editor of the journal Algebras, Geometries and Groups published in USA,



4.      Editor of the Arab Journal of Math., Riyadh, 1994-present.


b)   Journal Refereeing:

           I refereed research papers for the following journals:


1.      AJSE


2.      Algebras, Groups and Geometries


3.      Pakistan Journal of Mathematics


4.      Yarmouk Journal of Scientific Research


5.      King Abdul Aziz University (KAU) “Science




c)   Other Refereeing:


I refereed research projects, books, curricula, etc. for the following institutions:


1.    King Saud University (KSU)


2.    KAU


3.    King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology (KACST)


4.    King Faisal Air-force College


5.    General Directorate of the College of Girls


d)   Member of promotion committees to the rank of associate professor in KFUPM, KAU and Sultan Kaboos University (in Oman).


Seminars Delivered:


1.      Presentations of Subgroups                         Nottingham Univ.          1979

2.      Free Groups I                                                         Nottingham Univ.          1981

3.      Free Groups II                                                       Nottingham Univ.          1981

4.      Presentations of Groups Extensions             KFUPM                      1982

5.      The Generalized Symmetric Group              KFUPM                      1982

6.      Analogues of the Braid Group                                 KFUPM                      1983

7.      The Affine Weyl Group                                           KFUPM                      1984

8.      The SchreierReidmeister Method                        KFUPM                      1984

9.      Applications of Group Extensions                KSU                            1985

10.  Mennicke Groups of Deficiency Zero                      KFUPM                      1986

11.  The Geometry of Coxeter Groups                           Nottingham Univ.          1988

12.  The Coxeter Group of Type B,,                              Ummul Qura Univ.        1989

13.  The Affine Weyl Group C,,                         Ummul Qura Univ.        1990

14.  Coxeter Groups                                                      KFUPM                      1990

15.  Infinite Coxeter Groups                                           Ummul Qura Univ.        1991

16.  The Structure of Coxeter Groups                            KFUPM                      1994

17.  The Coxeter group D,,                                            KSU                            1998

Other Activities:


1.   Represented the University in three conferences organized by the World Assembly of Muslim Youth, and attended several of such conferences.


2.   Gave many lectures in the program organized by the Imairi Muhammad Bin Saud Islamic University for students pursuing their studies abroad.


3.  Participated in the symposium of mathematics high school curricula organized by the Ministry of Education in 1986 in Riyadh.


4.   Helped the department of mathematics in the College of Girls in Dammam in academic matters like evaluation of courses, choosing instructors and external ex­aminers.