Math 471 (992)

Information and Regulations



Instructor: Khaled Furati

Office: 5 — 413

Telephone: 2123



Grading system:

20% Exam1

10% Exam2

10% Achievement Test

55 % Assignments

5% Attendance

Having other courses, a heavy load, or graduation, are not legitimate reasons not to devote enough time or effort to this course.


Chapters 1, 6, 7, SVD


Chapters 8, 9

Achievement Test:

On the main ideas and skills that one should gain from the course.


There will be about 7 assignments.

Given on Monday of every other week.

Submission is on the following Monday.

No late submission will be accepted.

All the assignments will be counted.

Computational and mathematical problems will be assigned.

Some points will be allocated for the clarity and organization of the submitted work.



DN grade will be reported for unexcused missing of more than 20% of classes.

Only official excuses accepted.



Computer account

Using Email

Intranet access

Email Format:


Use spelling checker.

Email brief information about the following by Wednesday 19/1/2000, 3 p.m.:

Math courses beyond 202 taken.

Math courses taken in this term.

Future job or plan.

Your objectives of taking this course.