Name:             Husain Salem Al-Attas, Ph.D.


Specialty:        Sensitivity Analysis in Porous Media Flow and Solving Systems with Multiple Right Hand Sides.








1986-1991       King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

        B.Sc.  in mathematics.


1991-1994       King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

        M.Sc. in mathematics.

        Specialization: Applied Mathematics.   

        Thesis Advisor: A. Boumenir.


1996-2002       University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

        M.A. in mathematics in 1999 (second master degree)

        Ph.D. in mathematics in 2002.

        Specialization: Sensitivity Analysis for Porous Media Problems and solving systems with multiple Right-Hand Sides.

        Dissertation Title: Enhancing Reliability of porous media problems through sensitivity computation. 

        Thesis advisor: W. Layton.













1.     Block conjugate residual and block generalized conjugate residual

methods, submitted to Numerical Linear algebra and its applications.

2.      Enhancing reliability of porous media flow through sensitivity computation, to be submitted to SPE Reservoir Engineering.









        I have taught Prep year courses for five years at KFUPM when I was a Graduate Student and a Lecturer (from 1991-1995).

        I have taught math courses for first-year students at University of Pittsburgh as a teaching assistant from January 1st 2001 to April 30 2002.


        I have taught Calculus to students at University of Pittsburgh as Teaching Assistant where they were using Mathematica / Maple.


        I have taught Business Calculus and Prep-Calculus for engineers at University of Pittsburgh as Teaching Assistant.


         I use different technical software packages. Among these:  Fortran, C, C++, Latex, Tec Plot and Unix system.






Non-academic activities:


        Finally, there are many non-academic activities that I have participated in, which gave me a lot of experience. For example:


1.      I was the vice-president of the Saudi School in Pittsburgh.

2.         I was the president of the Saudi student house in Pittsburgh.