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The Deanship of Scientific Research (DSR) is seeking input from KFUPM faculty on its performance in providing support and services for faculty research. The objective is to use the input in improving the services we provide.

Please take a few minutes to provide us with your input by answering the questions in the attached questionnaire.

We assure you that all responses to the questionnaire will be treated with utmost confidentiality. Only general analyses will be performed on the data, and there will be no attempt to trace the results back to the responses of any person.


General questions

  Excellent V. Good Good Fair Poor Not Applicable
Availability of information and guidelines
Clarity of information and guidelines
Response to your feedback, comments and questions
Processing time for proposals
Processing time for progress reports
Processing time for final reports
Confidentiality of information and communication
Purchase procedures
Compensation procedures
Performance of DSR compared to other funding agencies you worked with
Overall quality of services provided by DSR
Timely release of funds and payments
Timely acquisition of equipment

Conference Attendance

  Excellent V. Good Good Fair Poor Not Applicable
Financial support for conference attendance
Objectivity of conference attendance evaluation criteria and procedures
Processing time for conference attendance requests
Number of Conferences that can be attended
Conference attendance criteria
Procedure and paperwork requirements for conference attendance application
Number of conferences attended based on a funded project

Research Award

  Excellent V. Good Good Fair Poor Not Applicable Comments
Clarity of research award criteria
Fairness of award criteria
Transparency of the awarding process
Monetary value of the award
Number of awards given each year

  Strongly agree agree disagree Strongly disagree Not Applicable Comments
DSR Funding :            
Helped me publish in better journals
Helped me publish more
Increased the impact of my publications
Helped me gain international recognition
Helped me attend more conferences
Helped me get promoted on a timely manner
Helped me work on problems relevant to the local needs
Helped me update my knowledge in my field
Helped me train students and technicians
Helped me create/be involved in a research group
Helped me establish a research lab
Q8) How can the DSR improve its performance?
Q9) Do you have other comments on the performance of DSR?
Classification Information
Name (optional) Rank
College No. of years at KFUPM
Department Nationality