Dear Math 301 student,


Assalam Alikum.


Following are the detailed information on the


                            "Present an Applications"   activity


(1) This is a (40 points) activity.


(2) Form a group of 3-4 students.


(3) Choose one of the following problems:

  1.         Read pages 210-212, then solve problem 77/p214.

  2.         Read pages 210-212, then solve problem 79/p214.

  3.         Read pages 229-230, then solve problem 14/p231.

  4.         Solve problem 47/p668.

  5.         Solve problem 48/p668.

  6.         Solve problem 43/p667.

  7.         Solve problem 8(b)/p699.

  8.         Solve problem 12/p703.

  9.         Read pages 701-702, then solve problem 21/p704.

  10.         Solve problem 19/p708.

  11.         Solve problem 20/p708.

  12.         Solve problem 22/p551.



(4) You have to send me an email (before Wednesday 20 December, 2006) with the names of students in your group + the chosen problem + the time slot of presentation according to the table below:


Slot 1


8 January, 2007

12:20 12:30

Slot 2

12:30 12:40

Slot 3

12:40 12:50

Slot 4


10 January, 2007

12:20 12:30

Slot 5

12:30 12:40

Slot 6

12:40 12:50

Slot 7


13 January, 2007

12:20 12:30

Slot 8

12:30 12:40

Slot 9

12:40 12:50

Slot 10 Monday 15 January, 2007 12:20 12:30
Slot 11 12:30 12:40


Note:  NO REPETITION IN PROBLEMS, i.e. the first group to choose a problem will be assigned to that problem. Groups submitting later, will be required to choose different problem. (Hurrrrrrrru up!!!).


(5) You are required to submit by email- a PowerPoint slides file + presenting these slides in front of class on your chosen date.


(6) The evaluation will be based on the following:

        The attractiveness of the slides.

        Your presentation in front of class.

        Participation of all members of the group in the creation of slides + presentation in class.

        The correctness of the solution to the problem.


(7) The arrangement of the slides should be as follows:

        Slide1: contains KFUPM +the course number+ term+ title of the problem+ name of members of the group.

        Slide2: contains introduction to the problem (brief description and of the physical problem (if applicable) ).

        The remaining slides should contain the solution to the problems; in organized steps.


(8) Due date to submit the presentation by email is : January 8, 2007 morning.



I wish you all a rich team work experience; and look forward to see your wonderful creativity and presentation in this activity.