Guiz means Group Quiz

"40 points quiz = 2 quizzes 5+6"


The Group Quiz is a group activity for math 260 students as described below:


1.     Download the quiz on Wednesday March 17.

2.     Solve it together with your group (remember you should work together).

3.     Submit it in class on Monday March 22.

4.     On Wednesday March 24..... I will do two things:

(1)  I will ask one question - related to the quiz - for the whole group to answer.

(2)  I will pick up one member of the group randomly - and I will ask him one question - related to the quiz-  (make sure each member in the group know the solution of the whole quiz).


        Work together . work together . work together.

        Quiz will cover material from Exam-1 : chapter 3 + 4.1 + 4.2 + 4.3

        Same grade will be given to all members of the group.

        Absent student on Wednesday March 24 gets zero in this quiz means 2 zeros for 2 quizzes.

        Grading the quiz will be based on :




correct math work leading to correct answers.


one correct answer ( group question).


one correct answer ( random member question).


submitted quiz answers should be clean..... neat..... organized..... typed or with nice handwriting.


Objectives of Group Quiz :

        Preparations for Exam 1.

        Engaging in this activity will help you gain many skills including:

teamwork- writing skills..... organization..... leadership..... participation as a member..... problem solving..... communication skills..... oral skills..... conflict resolution..... presentation..... convincing..... "you name others".


J Enjoy Your Guiz J