Dr. Faisal Fairag


(30 points Extra Quiz)

Read this before you start

*Use MATLAB  to solve these problems.

*Submit your answers any time before 11:55PM Tuesday June 3, 2008

*Here is a  quick start to MATLAB

Here is an example how to solve a system of differential equations.  (exercises)

*Let    w = ( last five digits of your ID number ) / 10000 (for example: ID=2002123450 then w=2.3450

*Be aware that each student has  different answers.
*To submit    3.567 X 10^(-33)    type     3.567e-33
*First solve all the 2 problems then enter all the 2 answers in the left page then click on submit button.
*In Matlab before you start the computaions type the command "format long" to display the result in 15 digits for double.
* Here is an example of submission
*After you click on Submit button, wait until you receive the confirmation page.