Dear Math 202 student,


Assalam Alikum.


Following are the detailed information on the


                            "Present an Applications"   activity


(1) This is a (50 points) activity.


(2) Form a group of 6-7 students.


(3) Choose one of the following problems:

  1.         [Population of Saudi Arabia] Read pages  92-93, then solve problem 39 (a+b), (c) use the statistics of Saudi Arabia given in class and Matlab to plot P(t) from 1990 -2020 and predict the population of Saudi Arabia in 2020.

  2.         [Mixture of Two Salts Solution] Read pages 95-96 and 114, then solve   the IVP # 3 in page 114 using Matlab and plot x1(t) and x2(t) in one plot from t=0 to t=100. From the plot discuss the amount of salt in container A and container B and at what time the amount of salt in container A will equal the amount of salt in container B

  3.         [Series Circuit] Read example 6 page 97 and networks heading page 117 , then solve problem 33 page 359 using Matlab and plot i1(t), i2(t) and i3(t) in one plot and discuss the plot (what observation can you see).

  4.         [Designing for Earthquake]  Read remarks page 349 and 350 (only understand how to change system #28 to system #29) then read project #8 page 365 and 366. Using Matlab, solve problem # 2 page 366 and plot x1(t), x2(t) and x3(t) in one plot.

  5.         [Non-linear Air Resistance]  Read problems 34 and 35 in sec 3.1 and study problem 15 page 110, then use Matlab to solve problem 16 page 110. Plot the velocity.



(4) You have to send me an email (before Wednesday 21 May, 2008) with the names of students in your group + the chosen problem + the time slot of presentation according to the table below:


Slot 1


31 May, 2008

6:40 - 7:00

Slot 2

7:10 - 7:30

Slot 3

7:40 - 8:00

Slot 4

8:10 - 8:30


Note:  NO REPETITION IN PROBLEMS, i.e. the first group to choose a problem will be assigned to that problem. Groups submitting later, will be required to choose different problem. (Hurrrrrrrry up!!!).


(5) You are required to submit by email- a PowerPoint slides file + presenting these slides in front of class on your chosen date.


(6) The evaluation will be based on the following:

        The attractiveness of the slides.

        Your presentation in front of class.

        Participation of all members of the group in the creation of slides + presentation in class.

        The correctness of the solution to the problem.


(7) The arrangement of the slides should be as follows:

        Slide1: contains KFUPM +the course number+ term+ title of the problem+ name of members of the group.

        Slide2: contains introduction to the problem (brief description and of the physical problem ).

        The remaining slides should contain the solution to the problems; in organized steps.


(8) Due date to submit the presentation by email is : May 30, 2008 morning.



I wish you all a rich team work experience; and look forward to see your wonderful creativity and presentation in this activity.