Dear Math 202 student,


Assalam Alikum.


Following are the detailed information on the


        "Chapter Summary"   activity


(1) This is a (40 points) activity.


(2) Form a group of 4-5 students.


(3) Choose one of the following chapters:


       ch 1

       ch 2

       ch 4 (4.1 4.3)

       ch 4 (4.5 4.7)

       ch 6

       ch 8 (8.1 + 8.2)



(4) You have to send me an email with the names of students in your group + the chosen chapter to from above


Note:  NO REPETITION IN CHAPTERS, i.e. the first group to choose a chapter will be assigned to that chapter. Groups submitting later, will be required to choose different chapter. (Hurrrrrrrru up to choose the easy ones!!!).


(5) You are required to :

     submit by email- a PowerPoint slides file to the instructor.

     submit to all students a revision paper; or a formula sheet; or you may hang a poster; or any other creative idea.

     in 10 minutes, present your slides in front of class to summarize the main points in the chapter; you may do a discussion forum on the chapter; or do a game; and/or any creative activity.

     in 5 minutes, a Q&A period where all remaining groups will ask your group a question form the chapter, which requires a 1 minute answer, if your group answers correct, all members get 3 points. If not and the asking group answers correct, its members get 3 points.


(6) The evaluation will be based on the following:

     The attractiveness of the PowerPoint slides.

     The attractiveness of the method you use to summarize the chapter in front of the class.

     Participation of all members of the group and the good team work skills among them.

     The correctness of the information you speak in the summary and the correctness of all materials you submit.


(7) The arrangement of the slides should be as follows:

        Slide1: contains KFUPM +the course number+ term+ title of the chapter+ name of members of the group.

        The remaining slides should contain the summary of the chapter; in organized order.


(8) Due date to submit the presentation by email is 24 hours before the day of your presentation.



I wish you all a rich team work experience; and look forward to see your wonderful creativity and presentation.