MATH 202 052

Instructor: Dr. Faisal Fairag



[1]          End-of-chapter Project (extra mark 10%)

n      Submit a written report on the project including at least the following:

  Brief introduction abut the project.

  Solution to the problems.

n      Prepare a presentation and submit a soft copy with your written report.

n      Present in class your project and how you solve it. Be prepared to be discussed and questioned during and after your presentation.

n      You may work individually or in a group of maximum 3 students.

n      Deadline for submission May 8.



[2]          Explain an Example (extra mark 2%)

n      Choose an example from the new section we will study next class meeting.

n      Give a notice to your instructor at least one class meeting before your chosen date.

n      Explain the example to the students in class on the board.

n      Individual work only.


[3]          Solve a Problem (extra mark 4%)

n      Choose one of the problems listed below, you may choose more than one (each is given 4% extra mark).

n      Solve and submit your solution including all details.

n      Individual work only

n      Deadline for submission May 8.



Wish you the best luck & an A+ Grade.