The aim of Industrial Mathematics is to focus Applicable Mathematics on the solution of real life problems of industry. Successful activities in Industrial Mathematics have been reported from the aerospace, automotive, petrochemical / chemical, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, financial, agricultural and health industries.

The workshop will initiate cooperation between universities and industrial, technical and financial organizations in the Gulf region. Participants will be exposed to several mathematical tools from, but not limited to,

Mathematical Modeling of Real World Problems
Image Processing - wavelets, fractals, etc
Mathematics of Finance
Variational Methods
Differential Equations & Control Theory
Boundary Value Problems
Stochastic Calculus
Computational Mathemtics - Finite Element Analysis, etc

Invited Speakers

Dr. Noel Barton (Sidney, Australia) Professor Graeme Fairwether (Boulder, USA)
Dr. Maartin Brokate (Germany) Professor S. Howison (Oxford, UK)
Dr. Michel Kocvara (Germany) Professor R. Lozi (France)
Professor Russel Cheng (UK) Professor Morkovich (Vienna)
Professor G. Papani Colaou (Stanford, USA) Professor R. T. Rockafellar (USA)
Professor David Donoho (Stanford, USA) Professor Philip Toint (Belgium)

Those who wish to attend the workshop or present a paper may fill up and submit the Registration Form.

All papers must be received by April 1, 2002. Authors will be notified of acceptance by May 10, 2002.

Organizing Committee

Dr. W. S. Al-Sabah, Chairman
Dr. R.Al-Assar
Dr. H. Bahlouli
Dr. M. A. Bokhari
Dr. B. Chanane
Dr. S. Al-Homidan
Dr. S. Messoudi

Scientific Committee

Dr. B. Chanane, Chairman
Dr. B. S. Attili
Dr. A. Boucherif
Dr. Y. Fiagbedzi
Dr. A. H. Siddiqi



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