: Publications

A class of LÚvy  driven SDEs and their explicit invariant measures. To appear in Potential analysis. DOI:  10.1007/s11118-016-9544-3 (2016)) with S. Albeverio, L. Dipersio and E. Mastrogiacomo

A Large diffusion expansion for the transition density of  LÚvy Ornstein -Uhlenbeck processes, Appl.Math. Inf.Sci. 10,No.4, pp. 1-8

. 2016

On the representations of the canonical partition function and the Helmotz free energy. To appear in Journal of Comp. and Theor. Nano. (2016


Asymptotic expansions for SDE's with small multiplicative noise.  Stoch. Proc. Appl. 125 (3) (2015) pp.1009-1031  (with S. Albeverio


Small noise asymptotic expansions for stochastic PDE's driven by dissipative nonlinearity and LÚvy noise, Journal of Stochastic Processes and their 

 applications, 2013 (with S. Albeverio & E. Mastrogiacomo) ABE

A Linked Cluster Theorem of the solution of the generalized Burger equation.," Applied Mathematical Sciences.(Ruse), vol. 6, no. 1, pp. 21-38, 2012.

Invariant measures for stochastic differential equations driven by LÚvy noise, (with S. Albeverio & Luca Dipersio)Preprint, 2013  

   The Feynman graph representation of convolution semigroups and its applications to LÚvy statistics Journal of Bernoulli Society, V14(2)2008. 322-351pp(with H. Gottschalk and H. Thaler)GST1,GST2

   How to determine the law of the solution to a SPDE driven by a LÚvy space-time noise. Journal Of Mathematical Physics. V. 48, Issue 3. 2007(with H. Gottschalk)GS1, GS2, GS3

Convolution Calculus on whit noise spaces and Feynman graph representation of generalized renormalization flows. Mathematical Analysis of Random Phenomena. Word Sci. 2007 ,101-111pp  with (H.Gottschalk and H. Ouerdiane)GOS

Applications of generalized Feynman graphs to stochastic equations driven by Levy noise. Zentralblatt Math, European Mathematical Society, Fiz Karlsruhe & Springer Verlag,  1143.60327, (2009) pp1-80

     Integral representation of positive Operator. Stochastic Analysis and Probability, Tunisia -JapanSymposium on culture and Science 2005, 51-53 pp

(with H. Ouerdiane ) pdf