Math 321 Numerical Analysis

Instructor: Dr. A. Kharab, Ph.D.

Office: Room 303 BLD 5 

Office Hours: SMW 10:00-10:50 am, 

Telephone: My office 860-2661

Classroom: (see Schedule)

Text: Numerical Methods 

Supplementary Software: MATLAB, The Math works, Inc.

Objectives of the course: The subject of Numerical Analysis is the computation of approximate solutions to mathematical problems, usually by means of a computer. It includes finding a suitable method to solve a given problem as well as analyzing the possible error of the computed solution. The main objectives are as follows:

The course will enable students to obtain an intuitive and working understanding of the numerical methods introduced during the course. This includes being able to choose a suitable method, and to implement it on a computer. The methods we will discuss come from chapters 2-10 in the textbook.
Gain some appreciation of the concept of error and the need to analyze and predict it. This includes an appreciation of computer arithmetic and its effects.
 Master certain mathematical techniques which are needed for understanding the methods and the analysis of errors.
Improve their programming skills and gain a working knowledge of MATLAB, a modern interactive programming environment.


MATLAB. The programming language for this course is MATLAB. Chapter 1 of the text provides an introduction. If you do not already know MATLAB, please work through chapters 1 during the first two weeks of classes. There are several ways of access to MATLAB:

  1. The Mathematics Department computer lab is located BLG 5 Room 202.
  2. The computer lab in the BLD 14 that belongs to the ITC Dept. You can access it any time.
  3. If you would like to have MATLAB at home, consider purchasing the MATLAB Student Edition. 
  4. Use the following link to connect to a MATLAB tutorial. Use the following link to MATLAB Web site.

Materials: Course materials.

Be sure to check the Lecture Schedule.

  1. Midterm Exam date
  2. Final Exam date 

Math Prerequisites: Math 202, ICS 101.

Computer Prerequisites: A structured programming course such as BASIC, C, FORTRAN, Java or Pascal.

Reading: You are to read ahead in the textbook each day and be familiar with the new vocabulary and new material before they are covered in the lecture and computer lab.

Course Homework: Homework will be assigned occasionally.

Computer Projects: Computer projects will be required.

Collaboration: Find at least one classmate with whom you can study. A support group is important.

Attendance: Your presence matters. Arrive to class on time! Let me know if you cannot attend a class. I will inform you of the topic covered and explain to you how to study them on your own.

 Course Points:

  1. Midterm Exam counts 10%
  2. All Homework counts 10%
  3. All computer projects count 60%
  4. Final Exam counts 20%

TOTAL: 100%