A MATLAB Approach (2nd Edition)

Book Features

This book introduces readers to the theory and applications of the most commonly used techniques for solving numerical problems on a personal computer. It covers a wide range of useful algorithms, each presented with full details so that readers can visualize and interpret each step. The enclosed CD-ROM contains all MATLAB functions that are presented in the book. 

Emphasis on understanding how the methods work, a simple, direct style, and thorough coverage make this book an outstanding initiation that allows readers to see almost immediate results. It will boost confidence in the ability to master that subject and provide valuable experience in the use of MATLAB. 

Provide a simple, direct, and unambiguous introduction to numerical analysis with MATLAB.

Emphasizes the understanding of how each method works.  

Boosts students confidence in their ability to master the elements of the subject.  

Introduces the new and simple Quadratic Method for approximating the eigenpairs of a matrix.  

Introduction to interval arithmetic.  

New subject such as bifurcation and phase plane analysis are introduced.  

Includes numerous examples, exercises, and a CD-ROM with MATLAB functions used in the book.

Each Chapter ends with a set of Applied Problems.

The CD-ROM included with this book contains all authors MATLAB functions described in the book so that the users can have the opportunity to practice their skills at scientific programming.  It will also assist students in the completion of the numerical analysis component of computer laboratory exercises.