Classroom Materials 

Here's a place for NExTers to share and show off their classroom materials.  If you use these materials please take the time to send a note of thanks/praise to the author.  If you have materials you'd like to share please send them to Todd Will.


Quote of the Day  Julian F. Fleron

Writing Intensive Projects

Annalisa Crannell gives advice on "Writing in Mathematics Classes" and a "Checklist for Grading Mathematical Writing".   She has assignments for Pre-Calculus through Calculus III each with a list of the emphasized concepts.
Tommy Ratliff has suggestion for administering writing assignments and has projects for Calc I-III each with a list of emphasized topics.
Gavin LaRose has dozens of assignments for  Calc I&II and Differential Equations.
Barry Spieler gives a brief description of each of his Calculus assignments.

Course Outlines

Harel Barzilai uses Calculus: Concepts and Contexts  by James Stewart to index projects, handouts for in class activities, and mini-lectures.

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