Math 102- 04 & 05


The Second Semester of 2006-2007 (062)
Instructor: Dr. Shawky Ibrahim
Office Bldg. 5-307
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Remark: Office Hours Are Also By Appointment


Major Exam I (25%) (MCQ)  Common Exam: Sunday March 25, 2007 in the evening
Major Exam II (25%) (Written) Non Common Exam: Sunday May 6, 2007
in the evening.
Class Work (15%) Based on at least 5 Quizzes.
Final Exam (35%) (MCQ) Comprehensive Common Exam.
A maximum of 5 points will be deducted from the class work if the student does not submit Home Work on time allowed and have six unexcused absences. 

The DN Grade will be awarded to any student who has twelve unexcused absences.

Exam II and Class Work Average If X is the average (out of 100) of a section Exam I, and Y is the average (out of 100) of the same section in Exam II and class work, then