fxText free applet

Bill Giel

The fxText free applet provides for interesting text or visual effects by scrolling a background image behind a foreground image with transparent areas.
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The image also acts as a navigator by responding to clicks to load the browser with a specified URL.
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To use the fxText free java applet, I

java applet parameters

<applet code="fxText.class" width=283 height=68>
<param name=BACKGROUND value="appletsbg.gif">
<param name=FOREGROUND value="JavaApplets.gif">
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java applet parameter values

Parameter Name
Data Type
WIDTHintapplet width in pixels (should equal the foreground image width)
HEIGHTintapplet height in pixels (should equal the foreground image height)
BACKGROUNDstringthe .GIF image for the background.
FOREGROUNDstringthe .GIF image of the foreground.
HYPERLINKstringthe properly qualified URL of the target document.

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