Comradeship takes more than plus

Be sure of that when you see  us


All faculty feel  harmony  with team

Really  together we?  Or is it a dream ?


When our team starts his work

Life smiles with boss Bin  Brek


In  k .f. u . p. m , look and see

A cell of work ? or  bee  hive are we?


More than science in our college

more  skills , and   more knowledge


College of science is a bridegroom

In conferences, prides from room to room


Proudly feels  with joy and pleasure      

comrades sincere,   erates strong power


Grants us more and more

Of ability that we have before


Our brotherhood  so it should

Be always , be very good



It should be here like a river

Irrigates plains with fine weather


All  hearts are happy for grants

Flowers daffodils and green plants


I,ll make of them a beautiful  crown

And put it on forehead  of the gentle man


All of you know who is he

He don’t like a praise or fee


Who,s successful in his field

Clear sighted, more active  indeed


He,s sincere for each comrade

Right hand  and actual in aid


He says that  I,m  youth fullness

In heart refreshment no more or less


praising  white and gray hair

Satisfying me : it,s lovely too fair


All of you know whom I  mean

He was  formerly a super dean


Near me , yet , he,s too far

Twinkling  like a super star



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