GS 220 - Information Searching Skills

Course Description:

This course introduces the students to the search methods & search strategies
of locating & retrieving information on the Internet & the World Wide Web.
Students are given practical training on effectively using the resources & tools on the Internet & the World Wide Web for browsing,  searching & locating information. Students are also trained on using the primary & secondary information sources, in addition to searching the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC )&  the Electronic Databases of  the KFUPM library.


Course Outline

  1. Review of KFUPM Library & Database Organization

  2. Literature Sources: Primary & Secondary Sources

  3. Introduction to the Internet & the World Wide Web: Browsers Essentials & Bookmarks

  4. Managing & Using Information Found on the Internet & the World Wide Web

  5. Using the Web for Research

  6. Browsing & Searching Directories & Virtual Libraries

  7. Developing Search Strategies for Search Engines

  8. Searching Specialized Databases & Library Catalogs

  9. Using FTP: Searching Archives & Downloading Files

  10. Finding Email Addresses, Phone Numbers & Maps

  11. Searching Email Discussion Group & Usenet Newsgroup Archives

  12. Evaluating Information Found on the World Wide Web

  13. Citing Web & Internet Resources


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