Chapter 7: Using Search Engines 

Exercises and Projects

1.go to All The Web,, and look for Web pages on total quality management. How many did you find? Now modify your search to also include the word benchmarking. Now how many results did you find? Now further refine the search to look for pages published by the IBM Corporation. How many pages do you have now?

2. You might be surprised at the number of authors who have used pseudonyms. You may not always know what pseudonyms they've used.go to Google at and do a search for author pseudonyms.look at some sites that seem relevant. Choose one that you find most complete, and give the title and URL of the site. What pseudonyms have been used by Marion Chesney? Has Stephen King ever used a pseudonym?

3. Using the search engine HotBot,, look for Web pages that are about Walt Whitman and include the word butterfly. How many do you find? Go to a few of the sites, and explain the significance of the butterfly in the collection.give the title and URL of the page where you found your answer.

4. The full-text searching ability on the Web has made searching for quotations and lines of poems much easier.look for the line "seeking the spheres, to connect them" at All The Web, at What is the name of the poem where this line is found? Give the title and URL of the page where you found it as well.

5. Try a search using a proximity operator to narrow the results.go to AltaVista at and do a search for the World Trade Organization. How many results did you find? Now try the search in the advanced search mode looking for pages that have the name of the organization near the words human rights. What is your search expression? How many results did you find?

6. We looked for a quotation at All The Web. Now try searching for one at Google, Where does the phrase "I don't believe that libraries should be drab places where people sit in silence" come from? What is the rest of the quotation? Give the URL of the page where you found the answer.

7.look for information about Kurt Godel, a mathematician, and the influence of his work on the study of artificial intelligence.limit your search to pages published in the past year.list your steps in putting the search strategy together. Keywords? Synonyms? What search engine might be good for this search? Why? What search expression should you use? Perform your search and give the titles and URLs of three relevant pages.

8. What did Persephone have to do with pomegranate seeds? Go to HotBot at and see if you can find the answer.give the title and URL of the page, and also see if you can find the number of seeds that were involved. (If you'd like a pomegranate recipe, try using the site-specific search engine at Epicurious Foods, at, and type in the word pomegranate.)