Chapter 5: Directories and Virtual Libraries 

Exercises and Projects

1. It's helpful to learn more about a directory before deciding whether it fits your needs. A good way to start is to look at that small print at the site's home page! See if you can find selection criteria for sites to be included at the following directories and describe how the criteria differ.

a. Yahoo!

b. Galaxy

c. Librarians' Index to the Internet

2. Using The Librarians' Index to the Internet,, browse through the categories (Hint: You may have to click on Browse All Subjects) to find some Web sites on the subject of immigration. How many did you find? Now do a keyword search in the directory for the same subject. How many did you find? How do they compare to your results from browsing? Which method worked better for the topic?

3. See if you can find Moroccan recipes by browsing the Open Directory Project at Write down the categories and subcategories you chose as you browsed. Print a recipe for couscous.

4. One of the remarkable aspects of the Web is the availability of the full texts of literary works. Find the full text of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream by using Yahoo! at Did you search or browse at Yahoo!? Give the URL of the site where the work is located.

5. Now find a work that's not in English. Go to the Open Directory at Find the full text of St. Augustine's Confessions in Latin by performing a keyword search at the directory. Describe how the search results are presented. Give the URL of a site where the Latin text of the Confessions is located.

6. Go to Looksmart, See if you can find information about Internet filtering in public libraries. How did you find it? How many Web sites did you find? Go to one of them and describe what Internet filtering is. Give the URL of the site you used.

7. You need to find a reference book on grammar and writing style. What resources does Infomine,, have on the topic? Describe how you found them. Write down a URL of one of the guides you found.

8. 8. Go to LibrarySpot,, and locate a genealogy database by clicking on the hyperlink entitled Genealogy (located under Reference Desk). Do a search on your family name. Did you find any historical information on your family? Which databases did you try?