Chapter 14: Citing Web and Internet Resources 

Exercises and Projects

1. Write a citation to the document available at, using MLA style.

2. Go to law write a citation to the document at that address, using APA style.

3. These two will give you experience citing email messages using MLA style.

4. Suppose you are doing a research project for a mythology class on the significance of the butterfly in Greek mythology. Go to Google at to find resources on your topic. Do a Web search and look at some of the pages retrieved in your results list.

5. Here's a site that you may find helpful, but that poses an interesting question when it comes to citing Web sources. Go to Homework Central at

a. Type in a search for Hurricanes, choose an education level, click Find, and go to one of the sites listed. Write a citation for the site you visited.

b. Now print that page and write a new citation for it based on what is printed. What difference, if any, do you see?

6. Now find a site that gives examples of APA style documentation (You may have luck using "Karla's Guide to Citation Style Guides" at and cite the sources in question 4 using the guidelines for that style.

7. What differences do you see in the requirements for MLA and APA citations of Internet resources? Does one seem more useful than the other?

8. There is an article titled "Information Literacy as a Liberal Art" in a 1996 issue of Educom Review. Use a search engine to find the article, and then write a citation for it using MLA style.