Senior Project on Geophysics-Geop402

                      Earth Sciences Department-KFUPMDepartment

Instructor: Ali Osman Oncel

Project Format
Refraction Modelling
Shear-Wave Modelling
Case Works

The oral presentation is to be accompanied by a handout for all members of the class and required to  present three 20-30 minute presentations of his project followed by discussion.. This handout will consist of the abstract to your report, significant references (not all of them) and significant figures (~2-4) from your written reports. This provides each class member with a future reference to the subject you are discussing. Your oral presentation should not exceed 12 minutes. Practice your presentation before giving it to the class and pay particular attention to the timing. This is good experience. Presentations at professional meetings or in the work place often have a time limit. Learn to cover the main points of your effort in the allotted time frame. 3 minutes will be allowed for questions. Out of courtesy for others in the class, keep your presentation down to no more than 12 minutes (no less than 10). Please provide a copy of your power point slides to me the morning of the talk. The results of your project will be posted on the class web site for future reference. This will also eliminate the need to log on and off the computer between presentations.

 See the Paper Presentation Grade Sheet.






Earth Sciences


Geop480: Fall 2006