Introduction to Seismology

Earth Sciences Department

King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals


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In In this class, two kinds of exam is given for checking the level of student's understanding:  a) Weekly Exam  and b) Comprehensive Exam

Weekly Exam:  The purpose of this exam is to review the lectures of week and engage students to class for encouraging them to weekly visit to their course materials.

Comprehensive Exam: Once in 3 weeks is given to students to keep their long-term interest through the entire part of course notes.  Generally, the weight of comprehensive exam is most at the recent part of class and less at the beginning of class.  The average of comprehensive exams gives a level of students for the grade of Mid-Term.

Final Exam:  This is a completely comprehensive exam. 


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Instructor: Dr.Ali Oncel    Teaching Assistant: Jubran Akram

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