Ali O. Oncel

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. 1996

Earthquake and Engineering Seismologist

Istanbul University, Turkey








966 3 860 1161


     966 3 860 2595


Mail Address

Earth Sciences Department

PO BOX 685

Dhahran 31261

Saudi Arabia

Research Interest:

         Statistical mechanics of earthquakes

         Seismic hazard analysis

         Fault stress change modeling

         Seismic source characterization

Selected Publications:

 Oncel, A.O., Wilson, T., 2004. Anamalous seismotectonic interrelationships preceding the 1999 Izmit event, NW Turkey, submitted to Journal of Geophysical Research-American Geophysical Union, 35 pages.

Oncel, A.O., Wilson, T., 2004.
Evaluation of earthquake potential along the Northern Anatolian Fault Zone in the Marmara Sea using comparisons of GPS strain and seismotectonic parameters, in preparation.

Oncel, A.O., Wilson, T., 2004. Correlation of seismotectonic variables and GPS strain measurements in western Turkey, Journal of Geophysical Research-American Geophysical Union, 30 pages, in press.

Huang, Q., Öncel, A.O., Sobolev, G.A., 2002. P
recursory Seismicity Changes Associated with the M = 7.4 Izmit (Turkey) Earthquake, August 17, 1999, Geophysical Journal International-OXFORD, 151, 235-242.

Öncel, A.O., Wilson, T., 2002. Space-Time Correlations of Seismotectonic Parameters and examples from Japan and Turkey Preceding the Izmit Earthquake, Bulletin Seismological Society of America, 92, 339-350.

Öncel, A.O., Wilson, T., Nishizawa, O.,2001. Size Scaling Relations in the Active Fault Networks of Japan and their correlation with Gutenberg-Richter b-Values, Journal of Geophysical Research-American Geophysical Union,106, 21,827-21,841.
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