Please find the remarks modified under the suggested ideas of John Louie from Nevada University that will considered to grade submitted abstracts for course GEOL-581.

Twenty-five percent of your grade in this class will depend on your ability to write clear, concise, and original abstracts ``summarizing the essential information based on the well-established elements of the geophysical literature.  You are supposed actually to improve on the authors' original abstracts. The quality of your writing will also affect your grade on the final project report.  Please find here some suggestions for avoiding common errors.

Your abstracts are considered to be on a scale of 0-10 points:

0   No abstract, or contains plagiarism		 8 Good
1-5 Partially complete			 9 Very good
6   Poor					10 Excellent
7   Fair

Also,  late submitting abstracts are considered one point downgrade.

If you have difficulty writing or don't understand the grammatical terms used here, buy a manual of English style and keep it at your elbow. Several are in the library:

An Instructions to Authors by the Editors of the professional journal Geophysics gives the proper forms of many specialized geophysical terms and SI units. (Also available in PDF, RTF, and GIF formats including a few necessary special characters.)  The general suggestions of John Louie that you are supposed to consider are listed in below: