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The area of term-paper project is based on the checking the data availability from the IRIS since the data is released following two years after any kind of  projects supported by IRIS is finished.  This kind of search is important to first understanding possibility of finding data for whom they are graduate students and supposed to implement a project for their different levels of research works such as master and Ph.D.  You can click the link for View Assembled/Active Dataset Inventory.  Any region of data which is released for area of your project.  On the other hand, you will find a region of proposed for term-paper project.  The goal of such project is to have students an understanding present sources of seismic data for encouraging them to integrate to previous globally completed projects.

Proposed Class Project: 

The title of class project is Seismological and Structural Evolution of North Anatolian Fault Zone in the Sea of Marmara unless any student proposed any alternative area of presently released data. 

Format: The term paper is a minimum of 10-15 pages not including figures and should be typed on a word processor using double spaced Times Roman 12 point font. References are limited to 1 page. See also illustrated paper template, which is based upon the provided appendix of Robert J.Lillie's book (1999). Term report oral presentations will be made the final day of class. A paper copy of your term report will be due on Monday the last week of classes. See also Writing Links  and  Writing Guidelines for Engineering and Science Students.   

Steps:  Follow the steps which is explained paper template to initiate your project.  Select one profile to study and send instructor through e-mail name of profile.   You will get the data and try to understand the way of making some proposition about the region of tectonics.  A software  is suggested to download to visualize data and inquire possible other softwares in the ESD which might help you to make a better process in the way of tectonical interpretation.  Best guide for students is the published papers published in different journals such as Terra-Nova  and Geochemistry.  Regarding papers of seismicity and seismotectonics, one of recent paper in Tectonophysics might be helpful as a reference paper.

Deadlines/Grading:  term-paper project:

  • Due to March 21, 2007:  Refraction Seismology, % 25

  • Due to April 18, 2007:  Reflection Seismology, % 25

  • Due to May 16, 2007:  Earthquake Seismology, % 25

  • Due to May 30, 2007: Final Comprehensive Draft, % 25


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