GEOL 581: Grading Term Papers

Form and References (%16)

  • Three or more papers should be selected from the refereed journals.
  • Abstract should be clear and include the most important part of presented paper.
  • Headings and Subheadings in text
  • Figures and Tables (preferably placed near where referenced in text)
  • References (citations in text and bibliography)

Scientific Content and Logic (%60)

  • Coherence: The paper should be written with your own words clearly as much as you can. Quotation should be limited since increase the rate of quotation will lower your grade and cause your paper being boring and hardly understandable.

  • Logic:  Considering multiple hypotheses, evaluating them as to show their drawbacks or assets as much as their likelihood of being correct, about methods of observation, including how the data were collected, possible errors, and how these influence conclusions.

  • Examples:  Explain the significance of the used methodology for the future, and make additional suggestions for your research for what critical needs is important.   Your synthesis should demonstrate your understanding of the apparent factors.

Class Presentation (%24)

  • The presentation material should be prepared regularly and presented fluently for one to follow up those given things easily.

  • A practice talk is suggested to undertake before presentation to use the given time conveniently.


Provide a reference list at the end of the paper, alphabetized by authors' last names.   Use AGU Reference Style  for your term-paper project.   When referring to books or journal, refer  the page number in the citation in the text - e.g., (Smith, 1983, p. 25). That makes it much easier for one  to see on your citation. For information that is not truly common knowledge, there should be citations given so that the interested reader knows where to find more information. Figure captions, that needs to be written completely.  If modification in terms of redrawing on figure is needed, then it should be noted that the figure is modified after Smith, 1983.