Research Interest

My research area is groundwater modeling, hydrogeology & environment, and geostatistical & stochastic modeling of natural resources (oil, water, and minerals). Modeling and simulating the spatial and / or temporal variability of natural resources and environment is considered a very important step towards conducting real-life and economically feasible projects.


Consultation Activities

Water and Environment Consultant, Granit Middle East Environmental Services Co. Ltd.

Project Consultant, Saudi Geophysical Consulting Office and Saudi Industries Development Co.



Co- Investigator, Groundwater resources study for the Dammam-Khobar-Dhahran metropolitan areas (Executing; Research Institute, KFUPM, CEW2266 project)

Principal Investigator, Mapping groundwater surface using ground penetrating radar (GPR) and geostatistical methods (Executed; Research Institute, KFUPM, ARI017 grant)

Co- Investigator, Geological and geostatistical modeling of the Paleozoic hydrocarbon sandstone reservoirs (Executing; Research Institute, KFUPM, ARI014 grant)

Co- Investigator, Influence of wastewater projects and poultry farms on groundwater quality in Wadi Al-Arj, Taif (Executing; SABIC grant)

Member, Geostatistical Modeling and Evaluation of Reservoir Characteristics (Executed; Reservoir Characterization Dept., Saudi Aramco)

Member, Geostatistical Study of Spatial Distributions of Permeability in Hanifa Formation Outcrops: Jabal Al-Abakkayn Area, Central Saudi Arabia (Executed; Reservoir Characterization Dept., Saudi Aramco)