GEOL 584

Applied Geostatistics

1- Topics



Random variables & functions

What is modeling? Why modeling?

What is geostatistics?

Data collection and sampling

Review of Statistical Concepts

Univariate statistics

Types of distribution


Bivariate statistics


Linear regression

Spatial Continuity and Variability

The theory of regionalized variables

Experimental variograms & spatial structure

Model variograms & parameters

Variogram and geology

Estimation Techniques

Krige’s relationship and BLUE

Point and block estimates

Kriging techniques

Conditional Simulation


Unconditional simulation

Conditional simulation procedures

Selected Topics about Recent Trends in Geostatistics


2- Grading System

1st Exam                                                 20%

2nd Exam                                                20%

Project or Term Paper & Presentation     25%

Homework                                             30%

Class participation                                     5 %


3- Term paper / project instructions

Choose a preferred topic in a geostatistical recent issue (e.g. new techniques, problems, critique, data set …etc.)

Use 1990 references and above

Put some effort to organize a creative report ( some ideas might help you in your future research)

Add a flavor of applied ideas to your research

Paper length should be 10-15 pages

A CREATIVE presentation is requested to expose the ideas of the paper to other audiences. The presentation and question-answer times for each paper should not exceed 25 min. & 20 min., respectively.

Take it easy, enjoy the work and be well organized and prepared.

Do not delay today’s work until tomorrow.


4- Selected References

Isaaks, E. and R. Srivastava (1989), An introduction to applied geostatistics.

Hohn, M. (1988), Geostatistics and petroleum geology.

Kinanidis, P. (1997), Introduction to geostatistics- Applications in hydrogeology.

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Deutsch, C. and A. Journel (1998), Geostatistical software library (GSLIB).

Webster, R and M. Oliver (2001), Geostatistics for Environmental Scientists

Computer and Geosciences & Mathematical Geology journals


5- Useful Links


Advanced Geostatistics

Geostatistics at Stanford University

Geostat Office