GEOL 580

Independent Studies

(Advanced Topics in Hydrogeology and Modeling)

Course Objective

The course introduces different advanced topics in the field of physical and chemical hydrogeology. By the end of the course, students are expected to gain knowledge about a wide range of subjects in hydrogeology and numerical modeling.



Innovative technologies in well testing and aquifer hydraulics

Recent GIS advancements and future prospects in groundwater studies

Artificial recharge of groundwater

Groundwater salinization

Groundwater resources management in arid regions

Mechanism of subsurface microbial transport and fate

Risk assessment: Impact of MTBE on aquifers

Multiphase fluid system in aquifers

Remediation of aquifers and pollution control techniques

Inverse modeling and its applications on groundwater simulation


Grading System

                        Reading Assignments                 45%

                        Presentations and Discussions    15%

                        Project Report                          30%

                        Project Presentation                  10%