GEOL 561

Advanced Hydrogeology

Course Objective

The course introduces different concepts in advanced hydrogeology to graduate students. By the end of the course, students are expected to gain knowledge in a wide range of subjects in physical and chemical hydrogeology.



Groundwater system

Properties of the porous medium

Groundwater movement and Darcy's law

Steady- and transient-flow

Wells and well hydraulics

Pumping test analysis

Principles of solute transport

Groundwater contamination

Risk assessment and remediation


Grading System

                    Midterm Exam                             20%

                    Final Exam                                   25%

                    Assignments                                 20%

                    Term paper                                  20%

                    Term paper presentation              10%

                    Attendance and participation         5%


Selected References

1) Domenico, P. and F. Schwartz, 1998, Physical and Chemical Hydrogeology

2) Fetter, C., 1994, Applied Hydrogeology

3) Batu, V., 1998, Aquifer Hydraulics

4) Ground Water Journal

5) Water Resources Research Journal

6) Hydrogeology Journal


Useful Links

            Center for groundwater studies

            USGS groundwater information page

            American Society of Civil engineers

            National Groundwater association