GEOL 454

Computational Methods in Geology

1- Topics


The role of computer and computation in geology

Importance of geological data analysis

Data Preparation

                      Data quality and handling

                      Types of geological data

                      Field sampling strategies

Analytical Methods and Applications

Ternary diagrams

Rose Diagrams

Cross sections

Reserve calculations

and Spatial Methods

           Summary statistics

           Probability concepts




           Correlation and covariance

           Linear regression

                    Gridding and estimation techniques

           Inverses distance methods

           Trend surface analysis


                    Fundamentals of GIS

Numerical Methods and Applications

           Flow equations

                    Conceptual models

                     Numerical simulators


2- Grading System

1st Exam                                              15%

2nd Exam                                             15%

Final Exam                                           20%

Homework & Lab Assignments            30%

Class participation & Attendance          7%

Student presentations (2)                       8%

Quizzes                                                 5%


3- Selected References

Swan & Sandilands (1995), Introduction to geological data analysis.

Isaaks, E. and R. Srivastava (1989), An introduction to applied geostatistics.

Davis (1986), Statistics and data analysis in geology.

Jones, T. (1986), Contouring geologic surface with the computer.

Selected computer packages.


4- Useful Links


SURFER Package

Rockware Package